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Thanks for stopping by. About Kristin Thompson…

Kristin 11-6-2020

Kristin Thompson

Community Relations

Business Development

Kristin Thompson, Community Relations and Business Development – AKA Queen of Connections, is an amazing human. You cannot help but feel happy and have a smile on your face when she is around. Kristin has been married to Brian for 30 years, has three beautiful grown sons Tyler, Trent and Jacob and two adorable pups Lucy and Rickie.

In 2003 her youngest son entered kindergarten and she put her entrepreneurial skills to work and created a thriving house cleaning company, Domestic Divas, here in the greater Salem, Oregon area. In 2015 Kristin pursued another passion, becoming a flight attendant. For almost five years she flew with Alaska Airlines and created amazing memories along the way. Not only did she hear “Best Service Ever” on every flight, Kristin took great pride in building the brand of Alaska. What is nifty about Kristin is she is authentic. She is genuinely interested in learning more about the people she meets and how things are done. We are thrilled to have her help us connect with other good humans, give back to our community and build our brand.

Fun Facts: Kristin is an avid foodie, enthusiastically sharing her fantastic finds • Her pup Rickie was recently promoted to Director of Guest Relations here at the office!

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