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Thanks for stopping by. About Stephanie Johnson…

Stephanie's Pic

Stephanie Johnson

Branch Processor

When our team met Stephanie Johnson, Branch Processor Extraordinaire, we knew she would be an amazing addition to our team!

Stephanie looks fantastic “on paper”, graduating from Evergreen State College in 2003 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree and an extremely strong background in finance beginning in 2003 that includes training, processing, underwriting, funding, and management. (WOW, right?)

But our team was looking for more. We wanted a “WHY” person, an investigator, someone who exudes warmth and positivity, a leader, a compelling communicator, a decision maker, someone authentic and a good human. We hit the JACKPOT and could not be more thrilled!!!

Stephanie married her husband Jake in 2008 and they have two adorable girls Morgan and Sophia. They recently moved out to the “country” on 3 acres where they are learning to be farmers and creating great family adventures right at home on their property. Stephanie is passionate about traveling with her family and having the ability to just relax and focus on her family. Two of her favorite spots are the Hilton Waikoloa Village on the Big Island of Hawaii and Sun River, Oregon.

It doesn’t matter if you are talking with Stephanie about her family or a challenging transaction, you can always hear the smile on her face.

Fun Facts: Stephanie breeds Frenchie’s –so fun to hear about all the escapades and oooo and ahhhh over the pups! • Stephanie’s all time favorite job was driving a Combine Tractor one summer in college, harvesting crops, talking to the other college kids with Walkie Talkies and getting off work early one day to go to a Bryan Adams concert at the Fairgrounds.

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